That Tasted Purple

Picture this. You’ve finally asked the person of your dreams out on a date. You’ve hung out a lot before. Sometimes with your friends, sometimes with theirs. But one day, you find yourself alone with them, and the question just slips out of your mouth. You hold your breath in anticipation as you watch their face shift into a slight pout. After the longest three seconds of your life, they say: “Yea, but only if you take me somewhere we’ve never gone before”.

Sheer terror washes over you, as you suddenly lose the ability to create an original thought. Palms sweaty, knees weak, Mom’s spaghetti, and now you’re here. Don’t worry friend, we have you covered. A real and unique date idea that is just far enough away from the usual movie, bowling, and bar. Painstakingly brought to you by the personal experiences expertise of the Perl team.

In today’s post, we have something for those who want to travel just far enough that the day becomes an adventure all on its own. I bring your attention to none other than Deep Purple Lavender Farm, a rustic local attraction nestled in a valley just southwest of the idyllic village of Embro. A short 35 minute drive from London, the farm’s 3000 lavender plants offer a refreshing getaway for the senses worn out by city lights and blearing of traffic. A quiet walk through fields of intoxicating herbal scents and vibrant to pastel purples, the occasional honey bee seen flirting from flower to flower, sets an amorous mood for the night. Round the day out with small gifts to admire with your person. We recommend their honey.

Expect to spend a few hours here.

Deep Purple Lavender Farm


35th Line

Embro, ON

N0J 1J0

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